Stalwart 82-YJ487 Winter Salt Dispenser for Deicing


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as of 04/11/2021 (Details)

Winter can be a time of hazardous conditions for drivers as well as pedestrians. This winter keep your walkways and driveways clear with the De-Icing Salt Dispenser from Trademark Tools Collection. De-icing salts work well for safely melting away ice and sleet, but come in large heavy bags that are difficult to spread. With the Deicing Salt Dispenser from Trademark Tools Collection, you can remove icy build up without straining your back carrying an heavy bag. Simply fill the Salt Dispenser with deicing salt and apply where needed.

Technical Details

  • Product features a durable plastic construction
  • Dimensions are 10.44 x 4 x 5.52 inches
  • Screw Off Lid for Easy Filling
  • Distributor Lid
  • Ergonomic Handle

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