Steak Locker Dry Age Fridge


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as of 10/24/2021 (Details)

Tender & Tasty. Produce tender, flavorful restaurant-quality steaks regardless of USDA classification. No need to only purchase "prime." Cost Effective Save up to 75% of Steak House costs by crafting dry age steaks and select charcuterie in your home. Elevated Design. Sleek, stainless steel design blends into your contemporary home with telescopic rails and UV resistant tempered glass door. Enjoy at Home. Share your love of the "good stuff" with friends and family. Provide them with the culture, excellence and prestige of dry age steak in your home. Convenient and Classy. The 34-inch cabinet-size (4cf) installs indoors for an eye-catching display or outdoors with no need for a water connection. The design resembles the best of modern styles in luxury ambience. Self-control Your Steak Locker includes independent smart sensors that provide immediate feedback through our exclusive app. You control the safety of your dry age steaks right from your smart phone. Home Series Package. Your Steak Locker comes with an interactive downloadable smart application, an uplink controller, removable chrome shelves, powerful digital smart compressors, replaceable carbon odor filter, custom digital panel and US or EU power standard.

Technical Details

  • Elegant Design
  • Safe and Sound-No More Spoiled or wasted Steaks Save up to 75% of retail Steak Cost
  • Best in Class Technology with 2 High End Digital Inverted Compressors for Safety and Longevity
  • Multiple Locker Management Control with Steaklocker Smart Application

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