STI Tech 4 XC Front Tire – 21×7-10/–


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as of 04/19/2024 (Details)

STI Tech 4 XC Front Tire STI Tire Wheel now offers a smart choice to cross-country sport quad riders and racers with the release of the all-new Tech 4 XC. The STI Tech 4 XC brings high performance to the market at a surprisingly affordable price. The Tech 4 XC is specifically designed for serious trail riding and racing. It provides an extra level of trail durability with a 6-ply rating. Utilizing a high-tech rubber compound that delivers exceptional hook-up on hardpack surfaces, in a unique tread pattern that pulls strongly through soft loama winning combination. Lightweight construction reduces unsprung weight and rotational mass for unmatched acceleration and ride. The Tech 4 XCs carcass is designed to reduce bounce and enhance high-speed control and cornering confidence.

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