Stony-Edge Night Stand End Accent Table, with USB Port. Espresso. 17”


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as of 07/13/2024 (Details)

Don't just have one nightstand; get one for each side of the bed! There are few things worse than waking up in the middle of the night and needing your glasses, only to find out you don't have a side table handy. Even worse is waking up to an alarm clock that's blaring from the other side of the room that makes you have to get out of bed to shut it off! stony-edge now offers us beautiful, solid wood nightstands that fit perfect by your bed and feature perfectly placed USB ports. Keep your phone, tablet, glasses and your snooze button that much closer with this beautiful accent table. Stony-edge offers one nightstand that you won't want to miss the stony-edge nightstand fits almost anywhere thanks to its compact, lightweight frame. Practical and stylish, this stony-edge nightstand is built with four USB ports so you can charge your devices without taking up all the room on the wall. The solid wood construction and warm finish make it a timeless addition to your home. Stop using milk crates for nightstands; stony-edge's nightstand gives you form and function in one perfect package. With ample room to store everything close at hand when you go to bed, there accent table offers ample room for items like books, lamps and reading glasses. Stay plugged in to your modern life with the USB ports which make it easy to plug in a light or charge your phone while you sleep. Simple and sleek, this nightstand makes the perfect companion to a contemporary bed.

Technical Details

  • Wood quality: The Stony-Edge nightstand is made of real wood, meaning it won't crack or split and will last a lifetime! Stop buying particleboard nightstands & tables that you'll replace in a year; buy a Stony-Edge accent table desk for your Bedroom or Living Room and save your money. Get One for Each Side of the Bed!
  • Assembly: The only thing better than a new nightstand, is one that offers built-in USB ports with drawers, and doesn't take hours to put together. In fact, this End Table with Shelf comes equipped with all hardware and assembly takes less than 10 minutes! It's so easy, you be using it no time flat.
  • Impression: When you add a piece of furniture to your space, you want a classic looking tables that doesn't look cheap. That's why the Stony-Edge wood accent table has a smooth finish on the entire piece. The draw also opens and closes seamlessly. Will enhance your entryway corner or the chair side coffee table.
  • Packaging: Each Stony-Edge night stand comes tightly packaged to avoid damage during transportation. This ensures each accent table is strong and that wood is never split coming out of the package. Refer to the instructions for more details.
  • You need a night stand that can hold all your stuff, is perfect bed height, and isn't flimsily constructed. Choose the Stony-Edge nightstand and you'll save space and have a place to keep all your personal items. Get yours today!

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