Stop Thumbsucking Thumb Sucking Kids Baby Child Finger Guard Protect (Small (from 12 to 36 month))


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as of 07/06/2022 (Details)

-Dr.Thumb- 1. Dr. thumb (Dr. Thumb) finger sucking is a professional calibrator. 2. Is a fast and comfortable - similar to those that suck your thumb sill feel satisfaction and psychological and physical burden without sucking fingers only reduces interest in the natural habit for one to three weeks to correct. 3. Medical design - the child's thumb, form and fit your child's oral structure of scientific design. 4. greener - made non-toxic materials Endocrine put in boiling water was not detected Material : silicone cover-silicon Lock / band length adjustment ring - Polycarbonate Wrist bands - Polyester Dr.Thumb helps to stop thumbsucking gently and quickiy. Dental clinic data found that average 1~3 weeks of refrain from thumbsucking usually breaks the habit. After completing the treatment, save 'Dr.Thumb' for several months in case the habit reoccurs.

Technical Details

  • Helps to stop 'thumbsucking' gently and quickiy.
  • Non toxic non harmful device made by silicone.
  • 92% success rate by consumer test.
  • Easy to wear and to adjust to any size..
  • wash available 'Dr.Thumb' in boiling water or cold water.

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