Stuff That Dreams Are Made of


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Inveterate record collector R. Crumb's artwork for this 2-CD set includes the subtitle "The Dead Sea Scrolls of Record Collecting," and indeed he and his henchmen at the Yazoo label have cooked up quite the collection for us unsuspecting consumers, consisting of 46 of the rarest and greatest blues and country sides from the '20s and '30s! Among the gems: two newly discovered masterpieces from Son House, Mississippi Country Farm Blues and Clarksdale Moan; If I Call You, a Luke Jordan side *never* heard anywhere; the long-lost Georgia Pot Lickers record featuring duet fiddling by Lowe Stokes and A.A. Gray, and rarities from rural legends Tommy Johnson, Dock Boggs, Clarence Ashley, the Sweet Brothers, Andrew and Jim Baxter and many, many more. Crumb's booklet artwork expounds on the lunacy of record collecting utterly unique!

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