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StuffIt 7.0 is easy and comprehensive compression software for Windows. Compress all Internet downloads and e-mail attachments, plus, Zip files up to 98 percent of their original size, for easy sending across the Internet and to open up more space on your hard drive. StuffIt goes beyond basic file compression with ArchiveSearch and StuffIt Express Personal Edition.ArchiveSearch simplifies the search process by scanning every archive to find what the user is looking for. It searches the contents of both Zip and StuffIt archives, regardless of what application created them. Can't remember the filename? ArchiveSearch offers a variety of parameters to help narrow the search. Once found, it can be accessed without expanding the archive, saving time and space.New StuffIt Express Personal Edition lets you create customized drop box applications that can automate all file compressions and transfer tasks. For example, you can easily create a drop box that Zips a file, uploads it to a password-protected FTP server, and then distributes an e-mail message notifying people that the file has been updated and posted. To make it all happen, just drag and drop the file into the Express box. StuffIt Express requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, and with its easy-to-use wizards, you can create custom drop box applications in minutes.

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