Sunferno Car Seat Protector – Protects Your Car Seat from Baby Car Seat Indents, Dirt and Spills – Waterproof Thick Padded Protector to Keep Your Auto Upholstery Looking New – with 2 Storage Pockets


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as of 10/07/2022 (Details)

You know it, cleaning a car is extremely hard. Cars have a way of accumulating dust in ways you can't perceive. How in the world, when I drive my car windows closed, the beige car seats gets a brownish tinge to it which I have to wipe off every 2 weeks. Is it because of people bring in the dust when they get in the car? Could it be because of the fact that when kids get in the car they put their dirty feet on the seat and the backside of the front seats. Also what part of "No eating snacks inside the car!!" is hard to understand? It's hard to be mad, when the little one goes "Mommy you want some chips?" and hands you an atom sized chip for you to have. Every 2 weeks, your typical weekend routine will look like this-1. Cleaning the snack bits from the crevices of the car seat which is almost impossible.2. Mixing a leather cleaner liquid in water. 3. Wiping off the dirt from the seats using a wet cloth. Now with the Sunferno seat protector your weekend will look like this-1. Remove the debris from it and wash the stains off of the seat protector using alcohol(even medical alcohol used for wound treatment), done! Use our Seat protector and you'll have an hour of free time every weekend. You get to use our product for risk free for 30 days. What are you still waiting for? Hurry, order your seat protector now before we raise the promo price back to $35.99. Consider getting two - one for your car and one for your spouse's car

Technical Details

  • PROTECTS YOUR CAR SEAT FROM BABY SEAT IMPRINTS - With the Sunferno thick padding seat protectors you can protect the toddler car seat from leaving indents and imprints on your precious leather seat.
  • DOESN'T LEAVE ANY STAIN ON THE LEATHER SEAT - Unlike other seat protectors, Sunferno seat protector doesn't leave any stain or residue dye onto the seat. The last thing you want to do is to buy a seat protector to protect your car seat from a seat protector.
  • DOESN'T SLIP OFF THE CAR SEAT - The car seat protector comes with anti-slip base with adjustable securing straps for a perfect fit. You can be sure that the protector doesn't roll up into a ball and be protecting the floor instead of the seat after a couple of uses.
  • BREATHABLE SEAT PROTECTOR, YOUR BUTT WILL THANK YOU - The seat protector can be also used as a car seat cover because of it's breathable fabric. With the 2 storage compartments at the bottom of the seat protector, you can store your kids toys, books.
  • 100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If you feel this isn't the Best looking, Most durable & Best value car seat protector you have ever used for the price, we'll offer you a full refund for wasting your time, Deal? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Order Now!!

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