Surgi Snuggly E Collar Alternative, Created By A Veterinarian Specifically to Fit Your Dog, X-Large


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

The Surgi-Snuggly is a multi purpose garment constructed of soft, incredibly stretchy material allowing for comfort and fit. Your pets can go about their daily routines in the Surgi-Snuggly including eating, sleeping, going to potty and of course snuggling. The Surgi Snuggly is a one of a kind suit perfect for a variety of pet ailments including. Post surgical garment for after surgery comfort (No more cone of shame) Ease fear during thunder storms ( boat/car rides, kennel boarding ) Inhibits itching and scratching ( hotspots ) Aids in shedding hair containment. Use with pads for dogs in heat Incontinence Get your Surgi Snuggly today and you too will see why so many veterinarians and university vet schools use the Surgi Snuggly. Developed specifically for dogs, can be used on cats too Wear as a full or 1/2 suit.

Technical Details

  • Surgi Snuggly, The Comfortable E Collar Alternative - Created for comfort and fit. Our unique fabric blend gives breathable 4 way stretch, offering the best fit in the industry. Developed to work specifically with the shape and form of a canine body!
  • Surgi Snuggly Assist With Post Surgical Anxiety - Gives your dog the extra comfort and compression they need for a stress free recovery. Offers added compression for those dogs dealing with stress before and long after surgery.
  • Surgi Snuggly Keeps Your Dog Healthy - Deters your dog from licking and biting at their stitches. Unique design allows for a full or half body coverage. Patent pending back pocket allows for pet elimination while keeping the rear of suit clean and away from surgical sites. Protects wound site from contamination.
  • Surgi Snuggly Goes On Easily - Put it on once and leave it on. Surgi Snuggly allows your pet the complete freedom they need to recover in comfort. There are no snaps, no belly closures, just easy on - off. Washer and dryer safe.
  • Surgi Snuggly Was Created By A Veterinarian - Is Veterinary Approved. You can find the Surgi Snuggly in use at Veterinary hospitals and Veterinary Universities through the United States and Canada.

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