SUV Bumperguard (Charcoal/Black) – Rear Bumper Protector


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as of 06/07/2023 (Details)

The design concept was conceived in response to the increasing vulnerability of the rear bumpers of luxury sedans such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz & Lexus. Over time, rear bumpers have evolved into molded color- integrated covers that fit over a structural element. The dimensional strength is greater than the aesthetic plastic "skin" that covers it, hence the need for a solution that protects, yet does not detract from the overall appearance of the vehicle when the protective bumper guard is attached. The TECH-Naissance BumperGuardTM uses our U.S. Utility Patent Applied technology to create the ultimate solution. Using the "universal" hole pattern of domestic license plates, the TECH-Naissance BumperGuardTM slides onto two posts that protrude from the lower holes of the plate in seconds. An integral handle helps you to guide the unit into place. The durable ABS molded housing then uses a double cam-lock key mechanism to "lock" the unit onto the posts, to prevent pilferage. The molded housing cantilevers over the rear bumper of the car, positioning the 2" impact-resistant foam pad directly over the area most vulnerable to parking impact. Weighing in at just over 1lb. the product is effortlessly positioned, and stored in your trunk. It's sleek, sophisticated form of the design enhances the visual appearance of the unit, making it a welcome companion for all vehicle environments! NOTE: Actual color may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

Technical Details

  • You wouldn't hang a shower curtain out of the trunk of your car for why would you use a rubber floor mat?
  • This SUV BumperGuard is the Super-Sized version of our standard, measuring in at 46"x20"x2" to Protect your Assets!
  • You want style? SUV BumperGuard has it! Let's face it: putting a rubber mat on your car is like putting plastic covers on your's not pretty! We fit to the contours of your SUV or Sedan and don't flap around while you're parked or driving!
  • Tested tough (yet light-weight), the SUV BumperGuard has received a 4mph impact-resistance rating from U.S. Testing Labs! Let's see a rubber floor mat do that!
  • Comes in Charcoal/Black only. Use it for your SUV or extra protection on your Sedan! Made in the USA!

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