Sylvania 7-Inch Twin Mobile Dual Screen/Dual DVD Portable DVD Player – Play Same or Separate Movies


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as of 01/23/2022 (Details)

TheSDVD8791 twin mobile DVD players by Sylvania make road trips fun. The two seven-inch screens coupled with the headphone jack located on each player gives you a personal theater experience without disturbing those around you. Choose to watch the same movie on both screens or opt out to enjoy a different movie than what your fellow passenger has picked. Each player features a built-in stereo speaker, a headphone jack, and AV jacks that can be configured as inputs or outputs, as well as a separate remote control. The SDVD8791 Portable DVD Player includes all the accessories you need to setup the players in your car including headrest mounting kits and a special car power adapter that powers both units. Also included are two remote controls, 2 sets of earphones, an extra car power adapter and AC power adapters for at-home-use.

Technical Details

  • Play two different DVDs or watch the same one on both screens; Twin mobile DVD players with seven-inch LCD displays
  • Built-in speaker on both units; AV and headphone jacks
  • DVD, DVD+-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP-3 and JPEG Compatible
  • Great for road trips or for home use
  • Includes two AC power adapters, two remote controls, two car power adapters, and headrest mounting kits

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