Coin and Currency Collecting Starter Bundle with Black Album

Here is a great way to get started in coin and currency collecting. Hobbymaster’s own “Classic” Coin Album is a neat, trim size. It is a practical, affordable way to keep your collection organized, protected and easily accessible. Fifteen 20-pocket pages are included to hold up to 300 coins in standard 2″ x 2″ flips (150 assorted sizes …

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E Z EST Coin Cleaner 5oz. jar (Qty = 1 Jar)

A liquid tarnish remover for silver, copper and gold coins
Removes tarnish and finger marks from un-circulated and proof coins
Special formula keeps coins bright long after cleaning
Invaluable to the numismatist
Will not harm silver, but may remove artificial oxidation

Do NOT use on stainless steel, lacquered surfaces, platinum or artificially oxidized silver

Size: 5 fl. oz. (148 …

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Coin Flip Assortment – Cardboard 2×2 Holders – 25 each of 6 Sizes

Cardboard coin flips are an inexpensive, practical way to store, display, and protect your coins. Simply set your coin onto the clear window, fold the holder in half and seal with staples or tape. You can write coin details and notes right on the holder. Archival Safe windows are crystal clear archival polypropylene (not PVC) so they are …

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Core Values – U.S. Navy Challenge Coin

United States Navy Core Values Coin. This coin has a stunning cut-through design. Die Struck in brass alloy, this coin contains bold enamel colors and the traditional anchor design. Detailed into the anchor designs are the Navy’s official seal on one side and the Colonial-era seal of the U.S. Navy on the …

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Don’t Tread on Me – Liberty Bell Challenge Coin

The bold fighting spirit of America’s military men and women is captured in the classic slogan: “Don’t Tread on Me.” This enduring motto, which traces its origins to America’s Revolutionary War, still serves as an emblem of the strength of the world’s most powerful military force.This coin honors our forefathers, who risk their lives to secure our country’s …

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Armor of God Coin

Armor of God The warriors of America’s armed forces fight in the name of justice and freedom around the world, risking their lives to defend these principles whenever and wherever they come under attack. These fearless men and women answer duty’s call day after day, armed with resolute confidence in their mission and the firm belief that America’s …

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Sniper Challenge Coin

Sniper Challenge Coin A sniper is an individual, usually a soldier or law enforcement agent, who specializes in shooting targets with modified rifles from very long distances, usually from a concealed location. Most are skilled in carrying out stealth and camouflage tactics on a battlefield zone. Military snipers are also adept at carrying out methods of infiltration, reconnaissance, …

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Factory Entertainment Jurassic Park Tin Tote Bag

Styled to look as if it came from the park gift shop this sturdy metal retro-styled lunchbox features a the iconic park logo on one side and a claw damaged version on the other. Raptors may be smart enough to open one of these, but a T-Rex will have no luck (their arms are too short) That said, …

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