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Hyland’s Cell Salts #6 Kali Phosphoricum 6X Tablets, Natural Homeopathic Relief of Stress, Simple Nervous Tension, Headaches, 500 Count

Hyland’s kali phos 6x potassium salt. Description: stress or nervousness due to overwork or anxiety. Body part. Muscles, nerves, skin. Function: nerve nutrient, aids breathing, contributes to a contented disposition, sharpens mental faculties. Symptoms: nervous headaches, lack of pep, ill humor, skin ailments, occasional sleeplessness, timidity, tantrums. Disclaimer these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These …

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Zone Smelling Salt | Longest lasting smelling salts on the market! Ammonia Inhalant | Aquatic Ammonia | Ammonium Carbonate Powder | Single Bottle

Smelling salts have been used for decades in boxing, lifting, and other professional sports. Smelling Salts are safe and effective if used properly (see below for details on proper use). Smelling salts deliver a high potency of ammonia gas, opening the blood vessels and creating a rush of oxygen to the brain which creates an instance sense of …

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Gaiam Restore Strong Core & Back Care Kit w/ DVD

Incorporate our Strong Core and Back Kit into your weekly workouts for a stronger, healthier back and firmer midsection. Our unique peanut-shaped ball is key to helping engage your core more efficiently with every exercise. Stretch and strengthen your spine while increasing your range of motion. Kit comes with an anti-burst CoreFit Ab Ball that’s free of six …

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