Video Streaming

Videolink Prosingle 1-DOC

Videolink Pro quickly and cost-effectively turns any Macintosh into a videoconferencing station whether it’s connected across the Internet or over a network. Easy to set up and even easier to use, the software takes advantage of the extensive multimedia capabilities of the Mac platform, as well as the functionality provided by QuickTime, to deliver high-quality audio and video. …

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Cinestream 3.0.1 Upgrade from Editdv/Introdv/Motodv

Minimum Hardware Requirements


· Pentium II class processor or faster.

· Video capture/playback require 333MHz Pentium or faster with Digital Origin MotoDV-Lynx card and 400MHz Pentium II or faster for OHCI IEEE 1394 interface

· RAM 128 MB

· 10MB available for software.

· Additional 45MB required for sample movies.

· IEEE 1394 Firewire video capture/playback require an UltraDMA or Ultra wide SCSI drive …

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CU-Seeme Cam Kit with Color

CUseeMe Networks’ CU-SeeMe Cam Kit is a complete package for enabling real-time video chat over the Internet. The CU-SeeMe Cam Kit includes CU-SeeMe Pro software and a color video camera.The video camera attaches directly to the parallel port on your PC and works with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0. Installation is designed to be quick …

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Download Youtube as mp3 [Download]

Download Youtube as mp3 is the app for converting videos to mp3. the only thing you need is a YouTube URL. It dont have advertisement and dont have file length limitation.It convert local and downloaded to mp3 formatIt also let you to set up your own proxyIt fast and easier to get download.System Requirements:Processor:  Intel Pentium MRAM:  10MHard …

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