Taharah Examination Bedikah Cloths – Personal Clothes 100% Cotton – 20 Clothes – Rabbinical Approved (3 Packs)


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as of 10/25/2021 (Details)

A Bedikah cloth is also known as an examination cloth or an ed (Hebrew word for witness) It is white cloth made of soft cotton material. A woman uses the bedikah cloth to check herself internally and make sure she is free of blood during the seven clean days and days of anticipated menstruation. Badei Penina bedikah cloths are made from superior knit fabric and are Rabbinicaly approved .The bedikah cloths are extra soft and are ideal for those with sensitive skin

Technical Details

  • 100 % Cotton
  • Extremly Gentle, prewashed & hygenic. mehadrin highly absorbant
  • 3 Packs - 20 clothes in A pack
  • Recommended by Beis din tsadek yora diea and by Rabbi Shlomo chaim Aviner hacohen shlita. But the tissue should be checked before using

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