Take It Or Squeeze It

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If it were strictly about the beats, the 'Nuts would have the game on lock. For over 10 years, they've been some of rap's most reliable track masters, hooking up tasty bits of musical treats. Their style has remained relatively unchanged, kept simple with infectious loops, crackling breakbeats, and party-anthem lyrics that don't run deep but don't have too. But with each new album, the 'Nuts wear their own style out from the recycling. Sure, the music still has flavor--check the darting flute loop in "Mayonnaise" or bounce to the energetic vocal chorus on "No Escapin' This"--but Psycho Les and Juju have played themselves out like the XFL: all style, no substance. They're far from the only ones kickin' juvenile, misogynistic lyrics and lifeless boasting, but after four albums of the same, there's just no creative spark to relight their fire. I'm not sure what their title means, but at this point, I'd rather not take it or squeeze it. Just leave it. --Oliver Wang

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