Tech-p Death Skull Face Mask – Protective Mask Gear for Use As Tactical Mask

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Haunting green eyes stare out from within the deep set eyes of the Tech-P Death Skull Face Mask. A fearsome grin full of skeletal teeth looks ready to devour, and a silvery black finish gives the illusion that you're staring at a monstrosity from some futuristic world. With its incredible level of detail, this skeleton mask is sure to strike fear in those who see you, making it the perfect choice of mask for a wide variety of uses. The Tech-P Death Skull Face Mask is a full-face, anonymous mask style that is constructed out of a highly advanced engineered fibre material. Completely safe, this is a cosplay mask or Halloween mask that you can wear without fear of irritation or worry about exposing yourself to toxic materials. The fibers are even odorless, making the mask a true pleasure to wear. Our designers truly thought of everything when creating the Tech-P Death Skull Face Mask, so that it could be used as protective mask gear as well as for costuming. A layer of foam padding cushions the face and absorbs the impact of blows to the face. Mesh covers over the eyes provide additional protection, yet they do not interfere with your vision. As a result, this tactical mask can be used as an Airsoft mask or an outdoor CS war game mask without hindering the accuracy of your shots in the least. With its fully adjustable strap, the Tech-P Death Skull Face Mask is one size fits all and will stay securely in place during any activity. Breathable and lightweight, the skull face mask will keep you cool and comfortable, even if you're wearing it under hot stage lights or outdoors on sweltering summer days. The mask measures 26.1 cm by 18.5 cm by 9.5 cm in size, and it is built tough to resist breakage and ensure years of use for any purpose. Make a big impression with a scary ghost mask that rivals the quality of professional movie drops. Order the Tech-P Death Skull Face Mask today!

Technical Details

  • HIGHLY DETAILED Movie props quality scary ghost mask to frighten your enemies & delight your friends.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY Skeleton mask made from engineered high density fiber material padded with foam.
  • COMPLETELY SAFE Ideal protective mask gear; Free of toxins & irritants. Odorless & fully adjustable.
  • SEE THE TERRAIN CLEARLY Mesh eye covers won't impact your aim. Perfect Airsoft mask or tactical mask.
  • INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE Skull face mask keeps you comfortable and allows for easy breathing.

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