Tennis: Origins and Mysteries


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Dating from the time of the Crusades, beloved of both royalty and commons, tennis possesses a timeless appeal that's irresistible to players and spectators alike. Readers of all ages will likewise be enthralled by this fascinating compilation of tennis lore and legend. Author Malcolm D. Whitman was one of the great lawn tennis players at the turn of the twentieth century: an undefeated Davis Cup champion, he continued his longstanding study of tennis after his retirement from competition at age 25. His findings confirmed his conviction that tennis represents the ideal outdoor sport, promoting alertness, endurance, and self-control, as well as mental and physical health.Whitman's outstanding contribution to the history of tennis and lawn tennis is not only a book of absorbing interest to players and followers of the game but also a valuable reference and historical record. The author's painstaking and exhaustive research involved locating original documents — some in remote, difficult-to-access places — and a scrupulous authentication of facts. Yet there is nothing pedantic about his entertaining and informative text. Blending fact with humor and philosophy, he recounts the origins of the game, how it was named, uses of the terms and equipment, scoring methods, and other practical and historical elements. This handsome gift edition, ideal for any tennis buff, features 29 antique illustrations.

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