Tennis Strokes and Tactics: Improve Your Game

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A tennis tune-up for players of all skill levels. From the serve, ground strokes and volleys to the smashes, lobs and drop shots, this unique coaching manual illustrates each stroke from five angles: front, back, left, right and above. In this all-around skills guide, tennis pro John Littleford delivers expert guidance to identify accurate positioning of feet, body and the racquet -- just like having a personal pro watching, correcting and coaching every swing. Tennis Strokes and Tactics features step-by-step analysis and multi-angle photography that illustrates how to: Track the ball to the racquet head using hand-eye coordination Maintain correct posture and good footwork Establish correct and comfortable grips Hit a forehand with great topspin Master the secrets of the backhand -- one-handed and two-handed Control the ball with power on volleys Serve with more speed, spin and deception Return serve with more punch and accuracy Use the lob and drop shot as devastating offensive weapons Master an accurate and powerful overhead smash Move across the court more fluidly for greater efficiency. Tennis Strokes and Tactics also includes a comprehensive section on effective tactics and strategies for singles and doubles play. Using this innovative guide, tennis players of any level will improve their game.

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