The Annoying Music Show’s The Annoying Music Show CD

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This stunning CD contains greatest hits, highlights, and lowlights from Jim Nayder's "The Annoying Music Show" heard on National Public Radio (NPR). Most of the annoying selections have also been featured on NPR's "Weekend Edition" with Scott Simon, where Mr. Nayder is a regular contributor, when they don't change the studio locks. Whether it's Pa Cartwright crooning "As Time Goes By" as a Bosa Nova, or Abdala Bucaram (the deposed President of Ecuador's) tribute to Elvis, this CD is the perfect gift for a blissfully unaware loved one, lousy boss, or ex-spouse. Mr. Nayder warns that no small children, kittens, fragile plants, or nuclear devices should be in the same room, when the CD is playing. Ear plugs are highly recommended.

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