The Art of Coaching High School Tennis: Planning for Success, Drills and Tips fo


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Are you a new coach and not sure how to start? Or have you been coaching and feel like you are stuck in a rut or off track? This book helps dramatically, by giving you some guidance from the start, or some traps to avoid. Coaching teenagers is tough, but working with school administration can be a bigger challenge. There is an offer in the back of the book you might not want to pass up! OFFER: Those who buy this first edition, simply take a picture of it, send me an email when the 2nd edition is out, and you will get an autographed copy at a reduced price. This book now comes with offers for FREE companion eBooks for the high school tennis coach! An intimate look at the techniques and relationships of high school coaches with their school, players, and parents. Along with very practical advice, there are anecdotes to inform great decision-making for you and your high school team. Coaches, athletic directors, parents, and even players will want to read this to navigate high school tennis and to share with others. Learn drills and tips to become a great tennis coach or player, and accompany the ranks of others who join the USTA, USPTA, and PTR.

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