The Confident Barrel Racer


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Barrel racers put a lot of time, expense and effort into improving their skills and developing their horses. But even when they seem to be doing everything right on the outside, it’s not uncommon to continuously miss the mark in competition. The problem often lies in inconsistencies or weaknesses in the rider’s inner game – the aspects of competition that aren’t always easy to see, but have perhaps an even greater impact on the end results. Finally, a resource has been created to assist barrel racers on the path to truly becoming more confident from the inside out. The Confident Barrel Racer covers eight key areas and concludes with two special bonus sections. • Challenges of Competition – Develop awareness that prevents you from falling victim to the dangers that exist in the competition environment. • Fierce Love – Get off the endless roller coaster of emotions to develop a steady, unwavering level of confidence regardless of your circumstances or results. • Self & Source – An introduction to two key relationships, that when developed and nurtured, will turn your life around. • Four Steps to Confidence – A step-by-step guide to creating confidence, by helping you to first master change in the moment, then offering support all the way through integration. • Be Here Now – Today is a gift, that is why we call it the present. Learn how to be in the moment, the perfect mental space to be in a run, where self-doubt cannot exist. • Practices – Being a winner in the arena means developing winning habits in all aspects of life. Develop practices in three areas to optimize your confidence. • Tips for Competition – Specific action steps for overcoming nerves, getting into the perfect mindset, and creating laser-like focus to perform your best. • Confidence Smashers – Have past experiences, horses, or people damaged your confidence? Get tips for overcoming past and present challenges. • The Confident Horse – There’s more to developing a confident horse than just being a confident rider. Learn how to build your equine partner’s confidence. • Additional Resources – Recommend books, programs and more for further personal development and confidence building.

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