The Everything Baby Names Book: Everything You Need to Know to Pick the Perfect Name for your Baby


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Over 25,000 Names! Choosing A Name Can Be Fun! A name is the first gift you'll give to your new baby, and picking the right name is probably the most important decision you can make before the big arrival. Your baby's name has to be a special one-one that you feel comfortable with now, and that your child can wear with pride throughout his life. But with an overwhelming variety of options available to parents today, this critical choice may seem more difficult than ever. Whether you're looking for a completely unique name or one that reflects your family's history, The Everything Baby Names Book offers a tremendous selection of names, nicknames, and variations. It features over 25,000 names for boys and girls, including an entirely new collection of names from European, African, Asian, and Native American traditions. You might come across a name you wish your parents had chosen for you, or one that expresses your admiration for a special person or culture. Entertaining and insightful, this fully illustrated guide to picking the right name for your child is the most practical and up-to-date available.

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