The Green

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Much like a blossoming plant ready to bring forth fruit, The Green Band has grown. An idea among friends watered with practice and managed with care, it has developed into a reality nurtured with drive and cultivated through experience. When these four talented friends from south and east Oahu came together to form The Green, it was neither by chance nor by accident. For this seed was planted early.April 2009 marked the highly anticipated beginning for these four friends uniting to bring the world an eclectic mix of music. Their music is inspired and drawn from many different sources. The heartbeat and power of reggae drum and bass, the soulful tone in the voices and instruments, the poetic words and kauna, the double meaning of the lyrics, and the consciousness needed to stand strong as a people and move forward together in these difficult times. And so, from our lovely islands to the rest of the world we proudly present, Caleb Keolanui, J.P. Kennedy, Ikaika Antone and Zion Thompson, together they are The Green Band.

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