The Guardian (A Sunstone Coverns Novel) (Volume 1)

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When Alexis Stapleton flees her abusive husband, Kyle, with their four-year old daughter, she never dreams she’s about to end up in the middle of a vampire war. That’s exactly where she lands them both when she breaks into a recording studio in the middle of the night to get herself and her daughter, Kylie, out of a terrible storm. The recording studio is owned by Devlin Kline, head of the Newport News, Virginia vampire coven and guardian of the Sunstone. The Sunstone is a powerful stone that enables vampires to walk in the sunlight. He has been charged with the task of ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, namely those of Elias Black, a psychotic vampire bent on revenge. However, once Alexis and Kylie enter the picture, he becomes their guardian as well.

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