The Hamptons Baby Caring Corners 8-pack Premium Clear Corner Guards. Keep Children Safe, Protect From Injury Around the House!


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as of 04/14/2021 (Details)

The Hamptons Baby® brings you Caring CornersTM! A great modern way to protect your child from getting injured when playing in the house! These corner protectors are a necessity for anyone with kids, from new crawlers on up! This is baby proofing at its best. Our corner cushions come in a set of 8, with factory applied adhesive for your ease. We have minimized our packaging to a sleek vacuum sealed pouch so it is recyclable and eco-friendly. Instructions for installation on the backside of the package make installation a cinch! Some of the wonderful benefits of these include: ✓ Semi-soft and flexible ✓ Lightweight ✓ Easy to install ✓ Do not contain heavy metals ✓ Clear color so that they are not an eye sore ✓ Can be easily removed and won't leave a mark Add to your cart today and stop worrying about dangerous furniture with sharp corners! INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Installation directions are very important! Please read thoroughly, following the instructions is essential for product performance. 1. Clean surface. We recommend rubbing alcohol for most surfaces but may not be applicable for all surfaces. 2. Let surface dry completely. 3. Remove backing and position the corner on furniture. 4. Smooth out any air bubbles. 5. Press and hold each side firmly for at least 30 seconds. Wait at least 48 hours for full adhesion before testing. EASY TO REMOVE: 1. Place a warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften. 2. Gently peel back the edges of the Caring corner. 3. Roll away any remaining adhesive, and clean the surface. If you receive anything other than what is described above please contact us immediately!

Technical Details

  • NO MORE WORRYING - With kids constantly in motion and sharp corners everywhere, you can relax a little when Caring Corners are installed! The flexible ball shape allows for safe child play around the house!
  • NO MORE UGLY FOAM! - These are clear so they won't be an eye sore in your beautiful home! No more bulky, ugly colored foam or rubber! These will adhere to most surfaces as long as the surface is smooth and clean! Can be used on plastics, most kitchen counters of tile and stone (surfaces with very little texture), wood desks and coffee tables and metal appliances.
  • SIMPLE & EASY INSTALLATION - Instructions for installation on the backside of the package make installation a cinch! Strong adhesive comes factory applied, strong enough to stay on but gentle enough to come off and not damage furniture. Let us know how you use yours! IMPORTANT: For best results, please follow installation instructions.
  • EASY TO REMOVE ADHESIVE - Place a moderately warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften, lift from one side and peel off. Any remaining adhesive can be rolled off and you can use a little bit of furniture polish for a final clean up.
  • ALTERNATE USAGE: For moving furniture! Protects not only the furniture corners from getting damaged but also prevents holes and marks in the walls!

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