The Mouse Hotel Humane Mousetrap Live Capture No Kill Mouse Trap (Transparent Green)


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as of 08/19/2022 (Details)

The Mouse Hotel is a humane mouse trap for people that want to eliminate their rodent problem without harming the mouse. Our humane mouse trap includes 4 air ventilation holes in the roof to allow the mouse fresh air while it waits for you to release it back into the wild. This no kill mouse trap has a simple door that closes behind the mouse while he's eating. Once the door closes, the mouse can't get out until you open it up. The trap can be used over and over. All you have to do is take the trap out to a wooded area and release the mouse. Then you can bring the Mouse Hotel back to your house and set it up again. The little mouse will run off into the woods, and you can go on with your day. One of the best parts about this trap is that there is no blood for you to clean up. It's a far more mouse friendly and sanitary option for dealing with your mouse problem. The Mouse Hotel has a trap door on the back which can be used to place the food into the trap. It can also be used to easily release the mouse without having to touch him. It's so easy to tell when there is a mouse in the trap. If the door is closed, then you know you've caught a mouse. We believe that this trap is the best way to catch a mouse. How to catch a mouse? Simple, place the bait(food) in the back of the trap. Push the door on the front of the trap up and place the unit in a spot you think the mouse is likely to go. The mouse will walk into the trap when he smells the food. The door will close behind him and you will have captured yourself a live mouse.

Technical Details

  • No poison, glue, or metal snap
  • Reusable mouse trap
  • Humane mouse trap
  • No kill mouse trap
  • Capture mice alive

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