The NEW Escape To Paradise: Our Experience Living & Retiring In Panama


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Thinking of escaping to an expat lifestyle? Wonder why many people are choosing to escape to Panama? Is Panama for you? What is it like to actually live in this tropical paradise? Richard Detrich retired to Panama from Southern California eleven years ago. Like a good friend, he gives you the straight scoop on expat life in Panama. Here’s insider information you need to know about the cost and quality of health care, personal safety, and the cost of living. Discover how you can live better for less. Learn how you sort through countries, and discover what you want in your new home. THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE is a refreshing escape from the superficial, “blue sky” travelogues hyping life in Panama. UPDATED 2015 Version! Richard goes the extra mile to try to give you realistic and current information. Chapters on “Finding Paradise,” “Running The Numbers,” and “Due Diligence,” guide you along the way. What are the differences in Panamanian law that can trip you up? Here’s how you can avoid costly mistakes. Can you take your pets? Learn “What People Won’t Tell You . . . And Can’t Tell You.” Detrich shows you both the good and frustrating aspects life in a different culture. Here are “Things to Like and Things Not to Like” about Panama. Bob Little says, “Richard tells it like it really is, with no personal axes to grind. He answers are to questions that the other literature I read failed to ask….much less answer! Far from lofty or detached, it’s like you’re both sitting at the breakfast table sharing conversation … with a little wit here and an off hand comment there. None of it is a waste, but a nice, easy way to give the information YOU’RE interested in!!” Harry Kooiman says, “Entertaining, informative, and a quick read. Once I started reading it, I found it difficult to put down." Detrich is still in love with Panama, his paradise and place to grow. Is Panama the paradise for you? Allison Guinn says, “THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE is a must read for anyone thinking/dreaming about retiring in Panama.”

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