The New Family Massage Pack: Pregnancy Massage & Baby Massage Instructional Video — 2 disc set [Blu-ray]


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Pregnancy Massage DVD: Taking care of mother and baby This video demonstrates massage techniques that meet the special needs of pregnant mothers. These techniques reduce body pain, increase circulation, address low back and hip pain, prevent leg cramps, and help the mother sleep well to full term. Full body massage can be done safely from conception to labor and delivery. Prenatal massage is becoming the standard of care for mothers who want to be as comfortable as possible throughout their entire pregnancy. For the majority of pregnant mothers, their hips and low backs cause the most problems. This is due to hormonal changes that prompt muscles to tighten in order to protect joints. Prenatal massage that focuses on these areas can reduce and often eliminate discomfort. In addition, proper pillowing for sleeping removes nighttime strain on the hip structure and eases symptoms of sciatica. Proper pillowing can also allow a mother to sleep on her back through full term. Learn special stretching techniques for the calves that can stop the cramping most common in the last two months. In addition, learn about optimal fetal positioning and how a mother can help in that process. Imagine going through your pregnancy with ease of movement and without pain. You can! Indulge in regular bodywork from the start and enjoy the many benefits of full body, pregnancy massage. Baby Massage Therapy: Newborns, Infants & Toddlers Baby massage is a holistic approach to baby health and child rearing. Infant massage combines the tender touch of a nurturer with specific movements and techniques designed to improve the health of any child from infants to toddlers and beyond. This baby massage video takes the viewer through step-by-step instructions by breaking down the massage process into easy to follow directions. This video makes baby massage an easy process to learn providing a simple way to make a great connection and provide significant health benefits to your baby. Baby massage provides vital bonding and health benefits. Below are just some of the many benefits of infant massage: Improves circulation Enhances senses Fosters trust in parents Reduces stress Improves digestion Assists drainage of lymphatic fluid Enhances the immune system Enhances physical and psychological development Helps sleep pattern Helps to increase oxygen flow Removes toxins Helps develop muscle tone Aids pain relief from many baby maladies Enhances release of hormones Facilitates parental bonding through nurturing Helps parent feel more confident and connected Affords fathers a positive bonding experience Early psychological development is directly tied to bonding and touch. This video teaches that touch is a vital need for healthy baby development. Touch is an elemental need and an essential component for proper growth and development. Infant massage is preventive medicine from the earliest stages of life. Understanding the importance of touch and beginning significant healing touch early in life will improve the quality of life for both the child and the parent. Baby massage is an excellent way to promote the well-being of children. Baby massage is the perfect alternative to medicine and drugs by aiding the baby s own immune system. All that is needed is the caring touch of a parent and this baby massage instructional video as a guide.

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