The Softball Pitching Edge

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Throw faster, improve your technique, learn new pitches, lower your ERA, and experience the thrill of winning more often with The Softball Pitching Edge. This book offers an in-depth look into the art and science of softball pitching that will help you develop elite-level fastpitch skills through drills and expert technical advice. As the owner and pitching instructor at Club K, author Cheri Kempf has been teaching and training thousands of fastpitch softball players since 1987 and is widely recognized as one of the best softball pitching coaches in the country. The Softball Pitching Edge shows the correct way to deliver the ball from the rubber to the plate to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury. It's the first book on fastpitch softball to dissect the pitching motion through pictures and drawings of the correct mechanics. It also explains how to master those mechanics so that you can throw with greater control and speed. The text covers all the essentials: presentation, feet, legs, arms, posture, sequence, timing, consistency, location, and speed. You'll find a breakdown of the fundamental mechanics, with details of common mistakes and plenty of drills to help develop the proper mechanics. You'll also find specific instruction on developing a variety of pitches, including the drop, the change-up, the rise, the curve, and the screwball. And the special tips for coaches provide insight into the pitcher's psyche, background, mental make-up, and motivation.The Softball Pitching Edge presents the best information based on the most modern technology and resources available. Use this book to improve your technique and add new pitches to your arsenal for more strikeouts and greater success on the mound.

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