The Swan and The Mermaid Relaxation CD for Bedtime/Naptime (AGES 3:6)

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--- Airy Melody Music is proud to offer the only relaxation bedtime CD designed specifically for this young age group. We would like to thank the child psychologists at Dana Farber hospital in Boston and Dr. Daniel Kohen and his team of researchers for their invaluable guidance for helping create an age-appropriate relaxation CD for this young audience. This relaxation CD features two guided-meditation naptime/ bedtime stories for children ages 3 to 6. (Some parents who have precocious toddlers or older children with special needs also report success with this relaxation CD. This CD also works well with autistic children.) Each guided-meditation story on this relaxation CD uses a slightly different narrative technique. In these guided meditations, children are led on relaxing bedtime adventures as they are gently guided through relaxation exercises that have been clinically proven to work for young children in this age group. When used at bedtime or naptime, children fall asleep thinking happy thoughts, and wake up in a better mood. This relaxation CD teaches children simple relaxation tools they can use to cope with type of childhood stress, such as travelling, meeting new people, starting a new school or daycare, going to the dentist, undergoing medical procedures, or hospitalization. These relaxation techniques help children relax, calm down, go to sleep at bedtime, and wake up less during the night. These techniques have also been proven to reduce anxiety, accelerate healing, and lessen the use of pain medication and the incidence of nausea for children in medical settings. Each bedtime story is set to relaxation music that further enhances the relaxation/healing properties: The Swan this bedtime story is set to relaxation music designed especially for young children. This relaxation music features soft bells, chimes, and strings. The Mermaid this bedtime story is set to strings, flutes, and waves. We recommend that your child listen to this relaxation CD with a favorite stuffed toy or action figure at bedtime, naptime, or when he needs to calm down. The first time you play this (or any other relaxation CD) for your child, please listen to the CD along with your child. This will enable you to learn the same relaxation techniques your child is learning, and observe how he reacts to each bedtime story.

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