The Tennis Junkie’s Guide (to Serious Humor)

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TJG is the sport of tennis at its funniest. In fact, we guarantee that you cannot improve your game simply by reading this book! However, this book will provide every tennis player and hacker hours of non-stop hilarious entertainment. Your favorite player MUST have it. Inside you will learn: — The differences between real backhands and that two-hand kind — Why pros don't teach lob volleys — How to spot a hacker — The secrets of Gamesmanship — Why your grip was named after an airline — Why the Italian Open isn't a Grand Slam event — How to lob without embarrassment — Dave's Laws of Tennis — The undocumented history of its old-fangled scoring — About the Tournament Police — The members of the Generic Tennis Club — Whether or not you are a Commando Tennis Player — Dave's Absolute Tennis Ability Rating System — And much, much more

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