TheraBand Foot Roller, Green


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as of 12/01/2021 (Details)

The TheraBand Foot Roller is made from natural rubber & has a unique ridged surface and hollow core that delivers a relaxing massage to the foot.  The non-slip design makes the Foot Roller easier to use and control during rolling vs. a golf ball or frozen water bottle.

Technical Details

  • Massage, lengthen & stretch the muscles in the foot, toes & arches to prevent & deliver relief from sore & tired feet, heel pain & plantar fasciitis
  • Simple solution for runners, walkers, cyclists and many other athletes to maintain conditioning in the foot to support better athletic performance
  • Use to prevent and treat foot pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis before and after exercise
  • Better than a frozen water bottle or golf ball to massage and rehab sore and tired feet
  • Freeze the Foot Roller to help decrease inflammation and  provide greater relief through 'cold therapy'

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