This Happened to Me!: A Graphic Collection of True Adventure Tales

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What’s the most hair-raising outdoor adventure you can imagine? Being mauled by a bear? Chased by a gator? Engulfed in a deadly fireball? Well, Outdoor Life’s readers have experienced all of this and more...and lived to tell the tale. In the 100+ thrilling tales within, real-life hunters, fishermen, hikers, and axe-wielding housewives take on the worst that nature has to offer--and triumph. Amazing art created by top comic artists bring every scenario to life, frame by heart-pumping frame.Blood-dripping fangs, man-eating sharks, gun-toting bad guys and relentless tornados are just the beginning. This book collects the best of Outdoor Life’s reader-submitted death-defying adventures and adds some new illustrations never before published anywhere else. Is every word of this true? How could you possibly doubt the stories of a man who punched a bloodthirsty bear in the face, or a woman who saved her baby from a vicious snake with a lasso and an axe? If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if you strayed off the trail, dove into shark-infested waters, blew up your campsite, or had to ride out a monsoon in a rowboat, this book shows you in absolutely fantastic detail. Selected stories include: -Trapped in a Canyon -Blown Off the Mountain! -The Alaskan Tent Trample -One Mad Mama -Louisiana Gator Trap -One Last Breath

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