TiAL MVR 44mm Wastegate w/ 7 Springs – Purple Body


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as of 07/07/2022 (Details)

TiAL MV-R 44mm Wastegate Features: - Compact Design (Only 4.17" Tall) - Multiple Air Ports - 3 Lower, 2 Upper (includes plugs for unused ports) - -4 AN Water Cooling Ports for Actuator Top (can be removed if not utilizing) - Stainless Steel Valve Housing - Aluminum Actuator Housing (Anodized in Silver, Red, Blue, Purple or Black) - Stainless Steel V-Band Inlet and Discharge Flanges - Stainless Steel V-Band Inlet and Discharge Clamps - High Temp Alloy Racing Valve w/ Coated Stem (protects from leaded fuel) - High Temp Nomex Reinforced Actuator Diaphragm - Stainless Steel Actuator Springs - Stainless Steel Valve Seat - Stainless Steel Valve Bushing - Made in the USA! TiAL MV-R Wastegate Flange Counterbore Sizes: - Inlet: 1-7/8" OD Tubing (1.875") - Discharge: 1-3/4" OD Tubing (1.750") What's Inside the Box: - One of each available spring - MV-R 44mm Wastegate Assembly - Two TiAL -4 AN removable water fittings - Inlet V-Band Clamp - Inlet V-Band Flange - Outlet V-Band Clamp - Outlet V-Band Flange - MV-R Valve Seat - 2 TiAL Air Fittings - Plugs for unused air ports

Technical Details

  • Outlet (Universal): Discharge Flange Counterbored for 1-3/4" OD Tubing

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