TiVo Remote Control – Universal Replacement for Premiere, Series3, and Series2


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as of 10/04/2022 (Details)

This is the newest style of TiVo Remote available, so it has the latest TV and receiver compatibility codes, in addition to the A B C D buttons to get the most features out of your TiVo. This factory-original TiVo Peanut remote is a universal replacement that is fully compatible with all TiVo Premiere DVRs, all TiVo Series3 DVRs, all TiVo Series2 DVRs, and TiVo DVRs made by Philips, Samsung, RCA, etc. In addition, since this remote version adds the "On Demand" button, that means it's compatible with TiVo DVRs that have been supplied to customers of Comcast, Cox, and other cable providers. This is the most widely-compatible TiVo remote there is! Also compatible with almost all DIRECTV TiVo DVRs (doesn't work with Sony models or THR22) and this remote can work with TiVo/DVD DVRs from Pioneer, Toshiba (except SD-H400) and Humax, but it does not support the DVD-specific functions. 100% compatible with all of these units, guaranteed: TiVo Brand DVRs: TCD130040 TCD140060 TCD240040 TCD24004A TCD240080 TCD24008A TCD240140 TCD540040 TCD540080 TCD540140 TCD649080 TCD649180 TCD648250B TCD652160 TCD658000 TCD663160 TCD663320 TCD746320 TCD746500 TCD748000 TCD750500 TCD758250 TiVo Mini TiVo Premiere (full line) TiVo Series3 TiVoHD TiVo Series2 DIRECTV: R10 HR10-250 Hughes: GXCEBOT HDVR2 SD-DVR40 SD-DVR80 SD-DVR120 RCA: DVR39 DVR40 DVR80 DVR120 Samsung: S4040R S4080R S4120R Philips: All DSR Models All HDR Models All PTV Models Humax: T800 T2500

Technical Details

  • Brand New TiVo Factory Universal Replacement Remote.
  • Backward compatible with older peanut-shaped TiVo remotes.
  • Includes new built-in codes for TV and receiver support
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all TiVo DVRs that originally shipped with a peanut (hourglass) shaped remote control
  • Includes bonus weaKnees card listing TiVo tips, tricks, and hints

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