Tongan Kava Root – Pouni Ono – 100% Noble Kava-Kava (1/2 LB)

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Experience the Kalm with Kava difference! Fresh Tongan Kava - each batch usually harvested within a month. Not like other sellers who may be offering kava root 1 year old or more. This freshness shines through with your first use! Premium Tongan variety for the best Kava Experience that's not available anywhere else in the US! Unlike some kava, this chemotype is great for daytime use. Some report an almost energetic level of happiness and calm. We are confident when we say this is one of the best Kavas on the market.Try us out today!

Technical Details

  • Farm Fresh Tongan Kava!
  • Premium Pouni Ono Variety with that easy Tongan taste
  • Unique - more energetic and euphoric than most kava varieties
  • An excellent Kava for both experienced and new kava customers
  • Happy, Uplifting, yet Relaxed and Alert effects - great social kava

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