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as of 11/30/2021 (Details)

TopXNotes is a modern note organizer with many useful features. Perhaps TopXNotes' most unique feature is MuitlView, the ability to view many notes at once and the accompanying MultiView Sliding Toolbar that keeps text buttons always over where you type. TopXNotes also features the NoteOrganizer, an advanced table of contents with categories and groups you define based on your information. TopXNotes' most popular benefit is QuickNotes that gives you instant access to your key notes from the desktop. TopXNotes also features automatic backups, unlimited Undo, Find and Repalce, Find in note or all notes, and note encryption to keep sensitive information safe. This version special for Apple Retail contains 10 free sample notepads and iPod support.

Technical Details

  • MuitlView - View as notes many as will fit on your display
  • NoteOrganizer - An advanced table of contents with category and group
  • Full Import/Export and iPod Support
  • Automatic data file and note backups
  • Encryption keeps sensitive information safe

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