Toucan Outdoor Security Camera, Waterproof HD Video Surveillance System, Smart Lighting, Motion Detection, 2 Way Audio, Alert, Alarm, Recording, 2 Hours Cloud Storage, No Hard Wiring, 2.4Ghz Wifi


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as of 11/28/2021 (Details)

The TOUCAN Wi-Fi Wireless Home Security Camera is a weather proof outdoor camera designed to install at porch light or any light fixture so you can monitor your home security and communicate with your visitors from anywhere. Unlike doorbell, floodlight and much other security camera surveillance system, the TOUCAN doesn't need hard wiring or batteries, ideal for porch at front door, garage, back yard, patio and driveway. The wireless camera is powered by the porch or any light fixture or an USB charger outlet. The installation is very similar as changing a light bulb. The installation can take as short as 10 minutes. With the TOUCAN, you are able to see a live-stream video of who is at your door or if a package has arrived. When a visitor arrives and the motion detection is activated, you will receive a notification to your smart device via the free Kuna app. Simply open up the app to see who it is and communicate with them using the 2 way talk function. HD live-stream video No matter daily time or night time, the video is very clear. Better than night vision mode other Wireless cameras, TOUCAN outdoor camera has smart light control with PIR motion sensor built-in to turn the light on once it detects any motion or visitors. It will turn off automatically later. Many ways to communicate with your visitors and alarm: You can talk with the visitors; the voice is loud and clear; Uniquely you can click to send pre-recorded voice messages like voice greetings and even dog bark; You can ring the Siren Alarm if there are unexpected or unwelcomed visitors; Automatically chime voice greeting to visitors during holidays like hollowing, Christmas and Happy New Year Smart porch LED light control You can program the timer in mobile App so the your porch light will turn on off automatically at your own schedule; You can also set up the Dusk-to-Dawn light automation 2 hour video records in the cloud; AND you can download the event by just pushing the button.

Technical Details

  • OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERA WITH SMART OUTDOOR LIGHTING: Powered by compatible light fixture; Cover more security blind spots by simply installing by light fixture at porch, driveway, garage, outdoor and indoor; NO hard wiring, No need of batteries
  • LIVE VIDEO, ALERT AND VIDEO RECORDING: Watch your visitors from anywhere on your mobile phone: Receive alert remotely once the security camera detects the motion; Record and save video to your device; 2 hours video record reserved in cloud
  • LOUD CLEAR 2 WAY TALKS WITH VISITORS, AUTO GREETINGS AND ALARM: Prerecorded sound, voice or dog barks as your special greeting message or alert; Automatic holiday greetings; one button to ring the siren alarm; one button to emergency call
  • SMART OUTDOOR LIGHTING CONTROL: The light works with Alexa and Google Home; Programmable Dusk to dawn timer; No night light; The porch light turns on automatically at night when any motion or visitors detected
  • ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY; Include LED light bulb; Patented smart socket; 720P HD camera; 120 degree wide angle view; Kuna app; Need 2.5Ghz WiFi, not 5Ghz; Maximum 40 Watts LED, CFL, Incandescent light bulbs; NOT use with motion sensor light fixture

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