Treatment Kit to Stop Thumb Sucking by TGuard brand ThumbGuard (Small (Ages 0-4))


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as of 12/09/2023 (Details)

Designed to be safe, fun, painless, and most of all, effective, TGuard ThumbGuard is guaranteed to stop thumb sucking by eliminating what makes it pleasurable: the suction that occurs when the child tries to suck his or her thumbs. This suction is the primary element responsible for pleasure, and is the sole reason why children cannot help but prolong this harmful habit. In order to break the suction, the soft, flexible, non-toxic plastic tube creates a channel for air to flow; which breaks the suction without causing any pain or discomfort. By breaking the suction, you are breaking the habit, and ThumbGuard does this safely and easily within 30 days. No more messy nail polishes full of chemicals, or fabric-based solutions that your child can remove; try a gentle, non-intrusive approach that parents, pediatricians, and dentists have recommended for over 20 years: TGuard ThumbGuard.

Technical Details

  • No Bitter, Foul Tasting Liquids to make your children sick! Use the trusted, pain-free solution, which dentists and parents have preferred for over 15 years!
  • There is a reason why ThumbGuard is known to be the BEST: when worn correctly, the product boasts > 90% success rate
  • Constructed in the USA out of Non-Toxic, Soft, Flexible, FDA-Approved Medical-Grade Plastic
  • Each kit contains everything you need for one hand, to stop the habit ((1) TGuard, (30) Colorful Lock-Bands, 1 InstaLock, instructions, and sticker chart)
  • Pain-free, non-restricting way to stop thumb sucking in 30 days or less

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