Twisted Veins 50′ High Speed HDMI Cable + Right Angle Adapter and Three Micro Velcro Cable Ties (Latest Version Supports Ethernet and Audio Return)


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as of 08/08/2022 (Details)

This 50' cable supports signals up to 720P/1080i and may support 1080P/4K depending on your equipment.Twisted Veins offers a premium version of this cable which supports 1080P/4K signals.The premium version can be found by at Amazon for "Twisted Veins 50' 4K"Twisted Veins High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet This package includes a cable, a right angle adapter, and 3 micro velcro cable ties. All Twisted Veins cables conform to the latest HDMI standard and support high speed, ethernet, and audio return. The HDMI Standard does not specify a maximum length. However, all Twisted Veins cables through 25' are guaranteed to support signals up to 1080P and 4K. Twisted Veins 50' and 100' cables are guaranteed to support 720p/1080I and "may" support 1080P and 4K depending on the signal strength of your output device and other factors. Twisted Veins 50' and 100' cables are non-amplified, so it is possible to use them with a head end amplifier. When paired with a head end splitter/amplifier, they should allow signals up to 4K to pass for multiple devices. Some other cables already come with in-line booster amplifiers, but these are typically added to lower gauge cables and so even with the boosters they can only carry 720p/1080i signals reliably. You can tell by the weight of the cable. For example, some 100' cables with boosters weigh only 5lbs, but a 100' Twisted Veins cable without a booster weighs 11lbs. Twisted Veins cables are available in 1.5', 3', 6', 10', 15', 25', 50' and 100' lengths along with multi packs and right angle adapters. Simply search at Amazon for Twisted Veins. Twisted Veins cables are triple tested for reliability. Nonetheless, should you ever experience a cable failure, please contact your authorized Amazon seller for immediate assistance. Twisted Veins - Doesn't your TV deserve TV?

Technical Details

  • 50' length Supporting Ethernet and Audio Return up to 720P/1080I
  • Thick gauge wires, Custom Connectors, and Protective Braided Jacket
  • Free Right Angle / 90 Degree Adapter
  • Gold Plating, Soldered Connections, Wire Shielding
  • Free Three 6" Resealable Micro Velcro Cable Ties

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