Two Meows Cat Litter Box with Kitty Litter Scatter Control High-sided Lid – Fun Bright Green Color


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as of 01/26/2023 (Details)

Two Meows Cat Litter Box Experience The Litter Catcher Power of Two Meows Exclusive TM-3 Semi-Auto Litter Box Catching System -- You Won't Find A Higher Quality, More Effective Open Top Cat Litter Pan On the Market. Benefits and Features: ★ Bright colors (blue, green and others coming soon) ★ Built-in scatter guard (reduces litter from spraying all over your floor) ★ Veterinarian-approved ★ Larger size (19.5" x 14.25" x 8" helps trap more litter in the pan instead of on the floor) ★ Extended warranty available Click on the Add to Cart button now to get your cat the best cat litter box available on the market today.

Technical Details

  • DON'T LET YOUR CATS MAKE A MESS ★ Ordinary cat litter boxes will just let your cats go wild like they were a kitten again having fun! With the Two Meows brand cat litter box you can ensure your floor and your cat stay free of litter dust and dirt with the built in scatter reduction shield your cat won't have litter sticking to its paws or claws anymore. In the end you will also save money on cat litter costs and time in cleaning up their messes.
  • VET APPROVED & ANIMAL SHELTER-READY ★ Veterinarians, animal hospital and shelters alike all love the ease of using the Two Meows Cat Litter Boxes just as much as cats love using them!
  • BRIGHT COLORS DELIGHT YOUR CAT ★ Why not give your cat a little fun and excitement in their day? With the bright and attractive vibrant fun colors on our cat litter boxes you can spice up an otherwise drab area, and cats love it!
  • SIZE MATTERS ★ Whether your cat is small or large, having more room in the litter box is always going to make your cat happier it has this box to go to when it is their time to go. With an ample space of 19.5 x 14.2 x 8 inches deep to trap as much litter as possible, your kitty's will smile every time they finish their business.
  • ARE YOU A CAT LOVER? ★ Ideal for single or multi cat households, so no matter how many cats you have in your house you are sure to be able to use one or more of our cat litter boxes to help your cats clean up after themselves. Whether you have kittens, adult cats or older senior cats, these boxes work for them all.

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