Tygon 2375 Clear Brake Fluid Reservoir Hose 1/4″ 6.35mm ID 1 Foot Brembo Sized


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as of 06/24/2024 (Details)

The new Tygon 2375 tubing replaces the old 2075 tubing. This tubing is used for non-pressurized brake fluid connections, ie. conencting your remote fluid reservoir (brake or clutch) to your master cylinder or to delete the reservoir all together. Quantity of one (1) means you will recieve 1 foot of (12 inches / 30cm) Tygon 2375 tubing. Tubing Length: 12in (30.5cm) Tubing Inside Diameter: 1/4in (6.35mm) Tubing Outside Diameter: 3/8in (9.525mm) Minimum Bend Radius: 3/4in (19mm) This sizing will work with the aftermarket Brembo Master Cylinders. Note: Tubing compatible with most 6mm & 7mm fittings. Features: Resistant to MEK and other highly aggressive chemicals. Tubing is virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts and alcohols. Contains No Plasticizers. Prevents fluid contamination from leaching plasticizers - a common occurrence with other flexible tubings. Eliminates premature cracking of embrittlement due to plasticizer extraction. Extremely smooth inner surface: Inhibits particulate build-up. Hydrophobic property reduces absorption of aqueous fluids Minimal out gassing from tubing

Technical Details

  • Tubing used to connect your remote fluid reservoir (brake or clutch) to your master cylinder, or for reservoir deletes.
  • 6mm Innder Diameter, which is the sizing needed for aftermarket Brembo Master Cylinders.
  • New updated 2375 formulation tubing, which replaces the old 2075 formulation tubing.
  • Compatible with most 6mm and 7mm fittings.
  • Made in USA.

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