TyreBeads Tire Balancing Beads – 1 bag of 4 oz -Truck/Motorhome/4×4/Trailer/Motorcycle

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When added to the inside of the tire the beads will automatically distribute themselves to counter act the heavy spots when the vehicle is in motion. This results in a very smooth ride as well as prolonged tire life. There are many ways to install the beads. The easiest method is to just pour them in during mounting. To install these through the valve stem you can use our "Tire Balancing Beads - Installation / Applicator Kit", just enter "B00HTUDHYU" in amazon search box above. Please note, you can't use these with a liquid sealer, as they will not be able travel freely inside the tire. Drop us a note and we'll help choose the right size. You can also see the full tire charts at tyrebeads.com/charts THESE ARE NOT GLASS!!! Glass - a much softer material - will break down and you'll have glass powder in your tires. This powder becomes susceptible to moisture clumping and is a potential hazard to your health when you change your tires. Our ceramic beads are denser than glass - which means you need less of them inside the tire, this helps reduce tire wobbling due to excessive media especially for smaller tires.

Technical Details

  • Includes one 4 oz bag
  • These are premium internal tire ceramic balancing beads. Reusable, super hard, durable, and eco-friendly - will not rust, clump, or melt!
  • Pour them in during mounting or apply through the stem.
  • THESE ARE NOT GLASS, which is a softer material that has a tendency to break down into powder , which is susceptible to clumping and is a health hazard.

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