Ultra Lube 10314 Moly EP Biobased Grease- 14 oz. Cartridge


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as of 09/29/2023 (Details)

UltraLube moly EP biobased lubricants are manufactured from renewable vegetable-base stocks which have a naturally higher viscosity index. This means that bio-based oil is likely to "thin down" at high temperatures providing reduced overall operating temperatures and a higher degree of lubrication-safety, especially in high speed applications. Designed for metal to metal contact areas, sliding motions and sleeve-journal rotating shafts. These UltraLube products are premium quality biobased products formulated from renewable, biodegradable USA-grown vegetable oils. These lubricants are designed to replace and mix with conventional petroleum products to help you and your customers use safer lubricants.

Technical Details

  • Biobased lubricants have less friction, less heat and less wear
  • Manufactured from biodegradable vegetable oils
  • Made in USA
  • Virtually odorless
  • Safe for your health and the enviornment

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