Unforgettable (Benedict Brothers) (Volume 2)

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A wounded hero...A British lady...An unforgettable love. Haunted by war wounds and the woman who left him, Ex-Delta Army Sergeant Joe Warren is a man scarred body and soul. His life as he knew it is over, and he has no idea where to go from here. When his sister begs him to rescue a young woman in trouble, Joe reluctantly agrees to help—and comes face-to-face with the most beautiful—willful, stubborn, and sexy—woman he’s ever met. Lady Lydia Benedict yearns for a life of passion and adventure, one where she’s appreciated for her brains as well as her beauty. But she panics when she awakens—still dressed in her ball gown—and discovers that the priceless pearl necklace she’d worn to a charity ball the night before is missing. To make matters worse, Lydia never got permission from her mother to borrow the necklace, and it’s her brother, who trusted her with the irreplaceable pearl, who’ll be punished if it isn’t found. Joe is Lydia’s only hope, but the hard-hearted soldier and the British aristocrat find themselves at odds as time runs out. Can Joe allow himself to trust another woman? Can Lydia fall in love with a man who’s nothing like the sophisticated gentlemen she’s known all her life? Can two people from such different worlds find a way to fulfill each other’s deepest desires?

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