USA Citizenship Interview and Test Practice Made Easy


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USA Citizenship Interview and Test Practice Made Easy is an excellent, comprehensive citizenship reference and study guide/workbook. This book explains how to become a U.S. citizen—from getting a Green Card to taking the Oath of Allegiance—and will help you prepare to pass the U.S. citizenship test and interview. This is a well organized book, and the clear writing will also be understood by immigrants who are learning English as a second language. Part 1 answers questions about the citizenship process. Part II gives you ways to practice for the citizenship interview and test. Chapters include: Current information on how to qualify and apply for President Obama’s new “Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals” Program How to Become a U.S. Citizen How to Get a Green Card (Permanent Resident Visa) The Steps to Citizenship The Citizenship Test: “What Do I Need To Know?” Exemptions from Testing: Who Qualifies? Websites and Other Helpful Resources What Happens At My Citizenship Interview?” Speaking English: Know Your N-400 Form Reading Test Practice Writing Test Practice Vocabulary for Reading and Writiing The 500 Most Frequently Used English Words Practice Sentences for Reading and Writing Civics Practice: Question and Answers Civics Practice: Multiple Choice Civics Practice: Questions Only 65/20: Civics Questions if you are 65+ years Flashcards for 100 Civics Questions and Answers In these chapters, USA immigrants will practice with real-life interview questions, vocabulary words, and many sentences for reading and writing. There are also civics questions and answers presented in many different ways, including as multiple choice questions and flashcards. A special civics practice section will help adults over 65, and a list of many helpful websites will be useful for everyone interested in becoming a U.S. citizen. Note to Teachers: The author has waived copyright for any teacher who wants to reproduce these materials as part of a classroom lesson, making this useful resource an excellent value for both classrooms and libraries. Highly recommended. Companion Digital flashcards, fully formatted, are available for this title as, 100 Flashcard Questions and Answers for U.S. Citizenship Test Practice"

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