USB 3.0 to Esata Adapter Support Port Multiplier (Patent Pending) – U3esata


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as of 10/04/2022 (Details)

This USB3.0 to eSATA adapter allows you to connect ANY eSATA device with or without Port Multiplier to a superspeed USB3.0 port or a regular USB2.0! It provides a bandwidth of 480MB/s or superspeed 5Gb/s. There is no drivers installation required (drivers-less), and supports fully software RAID feature in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X Supports Port multiplier This mean with our USB3.0 adapter your system can see up to many drive as you EVER want - Imagine a ten (10) ports hub and ten PM (port multiplier) bridges setting a massive 150TB (3.0TB x 50 drives) volume can be created. Since USB3.0 hub can be cascade, the question is how many drive you want to connect! eSATA to USB3.0 connectivity USB3.0 to eSATA adapter is the easiest solution for connecting any of the latest eSATA devices (single or multiple) to the ubiquitousUSB2.0 (480Mb/s) / USB3.0 port (5.0Gb/s). Fully support most notebooks and desktops and its compact design is easy to carry and easy to use. Easy of Use There is no drivers, no power needs, truly plug and play device, it takes seconds

Technical Details

  • Support eSATA drive with or without port-multiplier (compatible with USB2.0)
  • Support Hot-Swap & Plug-n-Play in ANY OS support USB2.0 and USB3.0
  • Supports Software RAID feature in Mac OS X, and Linux. Support SATA Port-Multiplier: JBod or RAID mode
  • Complies with USB2.0 and USB3.0 Specification, USB Mass Storage Class, Bulk-Only Transport Specification
  • Supports SATA II, III Asynchronous Signal Recovery (Hot Plug) feature - No power, no driver required

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