Valvoline VV986 SynPower Synthetic Grease (for all US, European and Japanese Vehicles), 16 oz.


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as of 12/06/2021 (Details)

Valvoline's Synthetic Grease - Formulated to provide superior high and low temperature protection. SynPower Synthetic Grease is an excellent heavy-duty and multi-purpose automotive and industrial extreme-pressure grease. SynPower is formulated with a lithium complex thickened in a synthetic base oil, moly and other premium additives to provide superior protection from high loads and extreme temperatures.Have techical questions, please feel free to call our Tech Service # 1-800-TeamVal

Technical Details

  • Provides superior high- and low-temperature protection (-60°F to 425°F) over conventional greases
  • Moly-fortified for increased film strength and exceptional resistance to heavy loads
  • Inhibits rust and oxidation
  • Extreme pressure fortified
  • NLGI #2 GC-LB lithium complex EP grease

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