Vertical Vortex Traveling Interactive Spring Toy Random Bag Colors


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as of 12/04/2022 (Details)

Approx 5 inches in diameter when flat (pieces vary slightly) Hold your VERTICAL VORTEX ToyTM in the collapsed circle position in one hand, slip your opposite hand through the circle, allow the VERTICAL VORTEX ToyTM to open, now lift your arm to let your Vertical Vortex ToyTM travel up and down your arm...... Hold your hands together to transfer to your opposite arm or a friends arm......... To return your VERTICAL VORTEX ToyTM to a flat position, place toy between open palms and gently twist top hand counter clock-wise while pressing down until it folds down flat. Item contains sharp functional edge...... Not suitable for children under the age of 6. Wear proper eye protection to prevent eye injury. Adult supervision required.

Technical Details

  • The Traveling Vertical Vortex Toy! Arrives in a colorful (random pick) Carry Bag!
  • To See the COMPLETE Vertical Vortex Line (including choosing your own color bag), click the logo "Vertical Vortex" under the product title.
  • Travel the Vertical Vortex along your arm or transfer from arm to arm! or to a friends arm!
  • Goes from Flat to a Full Vortex in an instant, made of a continuous stainless steel band.
  • Fabulous Fun for Everyone (ages 6 to 106)

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